Old City Ampenan

donuts beach ampenan lombok Ampenan Beach was a Harbour.
Many ships are here anchored, they came not only from different islands, but also from various countries such as China and Arab.
Today, we can see ourselves, People - the descendants of Arab or Chinese stay in Lombok.

Another example is when every Ramadhan / fasting period, People - the descendants of Arab sold their things such as datles of fruit or fireworks, or embed it looks towards the beach Klenteng / Wihara / buildings for the Buddhist.

china aerobic ampenan lombok indonesia

In Ampenan we can see us many stores that offer not only food but also for a variety of new things were up to second-hand.

On the beach Ampenan offer many different entertainments like:

beach football indonesia lombok ampenan

Toys for the children on the beach

karusell beach ampenan lombok

The children play barefoot

kids beach ampenan lombok

Offers various snacks in Ampenan beach as the inserted Kedondong fruit (Spondiasdulcis / Amberella).

fruits beach lombok ampenan

traditional pancakes,

cook beach lombok ampenan

meatballs with sweet and spicy chili sauce

sasak beach ampenan lombok


sweets beach lombok ampenan

Sausage beef / chicken with sweet and spicy chili sauce