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Im proud to present the island of Lombok in Indonesia - South-East Asia.

I was born and grow up in Lombok.

In Lombok you can find many little travel agencys, with good Service and many offers, but the are not well known at these days. The Region is not strong touristic tapped, with littler commercialization. The Island is often called the Little Sister of Bali, but the Culture is different, let me show you any things about on this site.

Im working together with many local travel agencys, so i can offer you an individual package, relevant to YOU.

If you plan your Holidays in Indonesia / Asia and you want to see the culture, country and not least the people living there, i organize your Trip with good service and refer the cheapest Price Tips.

Lombok marking up an unspoiled, natural Landscape, the friendlier locals and the rare mix of complete different Cultures. The Island is in contrast to Bali barely touristic visited.
So its perfect for individual tourism, you can do many things, from scuba-dive up to extrem climbing (3.726 metre volcano). Also the lonely beaches invite you to rest your soul.

We have already complete package Tours, alle Tours will be guided from experienced local Guides. This Tours are for European/US conditions very cheap. I always can create a custom Tour for you, please Mail me then.

We also organize:
-> Hotel-recommendations and booking in Lombok, Bali, Komodo-Island, Sumba, Yogyakarta and many other cities and places.
-> Booking of dive-courses. Organize rare dive routes (also with Equipment etc.).
-> Organize of Rafting and fishing tours and many more.

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Please excuse my english, we are not perfect but uniqe :)